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mother maple

The Darling Duster-Fern

The Darling Duster-Fern

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The darling duster is such a magical and endearing piece of art, the kantha fabric used is super soft and comfortable to wear.
I have hand dyed this piece myself to reflect colours I love, I hope you love her to.

Kantha is one of the oldest and most cherished forms of embroidery, originating from the heart of India.
Women from all rural classes practice this time-honoured craft, infusing each piece with their skill and passion. The name "Kantha" refers to both the unique style of running stitch and the finished work of art.

We are absolutely in love with all of these pieces, each one is completely unique, they will have flaws my loves, they are made from recycled cotton saris, patch fixes and odd stitching add to the love of these garments, embrace the flaws.

100% cotton, made in India, one giant pocket to hold trinkets.
Free size, can fit up to approx a uk size 26

Please embrace the charm of imperfections in sizing and colour, a testament to the authenticity of our handmade process. 
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