Love and Magic

The magic
Our garments embody a rich heritage, meticulously handcrafted in India using traditional block printing techniques and natural dyes.
Each piece celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship passed down through generations, resulting in unique and vibrant creations.

Natural dyes used in block printing are crafted from various plant materials, fruits, and spices, capturing a spectrum of vibrant hues. This ancient craft involves extracting pigments from botanical sources like indigo, turmeric, madder root, and pomegranate rinds.

The process typically begins with harvesting or sourcing the desired plant parts, followed by techniques such as boiling, fermenting, or soaking to release the colour compounds.

These extracted dyes are then strained and sometimes combined to achieve specific shades. Each natural dye carries a unique story of its source, contributing to the rich cultural heritage and sustainable practices associated with traditional block printing techniques.

The spirit behind the threads

As a lover of all things witchy, I find magic in the simple pleasures of life. From the rustling leaves to the soothing whispers of nature, I've woven my passion for the mystical into every thread of Mother Maple.

Comfort seeker
Give me soft fabrics, loose fits and warmth - that's where I find my sanctuary.
Mother Maple is more then a brand, it's a haven for those who seek comfort without compromising on style. Dive into a collection for cosy days or summer nights.

Adorn yourself with affordability
With over a decade of experience, Mother Maple is more than a business, it's my whole life. Every piece chosen is crafted with passion and commitment in making the ethereal accessible to all.

Join me on this journey where comfort meets style, and nature intertwines with the mystical. Mother Maple isn't just a brand, it's and invitation to embrace the enchantment of every day life.

Thank you for being here beauty
with love and magic

Emma x