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Maple Bay

Maple Necklace

Maple Necklace

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🌿✨️🍁 The maple leaf 🍁✨️🌿

Beautiful steel pendant on cotton cord, perfect adornment to any outfit.

Leaf measures 5"x4". Cord measures 34"

In the ancient forest of Eldertrees, towering giants that had witnessed centuries of time, there existed a sacred grove adorned with wise maple trees. Each autumn, their leaves transformed into golden tapestries, shimmering with the wisdom bestowed by years gone by.

Legend held that these maple leaves held the memories of the forest, carrying the whispers of ancient spirits. As the leaves descended in a graceful dance, they shared tales of the elders' wisdom with the young saplings, ensuring that the knowledge of the forest's past was never forgotten.


Please keep your jewellery away from perfumes, and remove before showering or swimming. Keep tucked away in a trinket box while not adorning yourself, metals tarnish over time if left out for long periods.

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